Adventure Ahead!

Adventure Ahead!


Find New Clients NOW Adventure! 


What if it’s not your money mindset that’s keeping you from radically growing your business?


What if it’s a lack of sales training?


I am the least salesy person who has sold millions of dollars worth of products and services around the world in two languages. I am living proof that you can take a shy insecure introvert geek and transform them into a super sales pro — just by training them. And letting them practice — a lot.


The goal of this Adventure is for you to get PAST your FEAR of looking for new customers and get into ACTION! Only massive action gets you past your fears, and with my supportive help, you can do it.


I guarantee that at the end of our 5-day Adventure, you will have contacted more clients to INCREASE your SALES and reach more people to do the WORK you LOVE.


And you will do so in a professional way that is neither sleazy nor salesy, but true to yourself. And you will do it with 100% confidence in yourself and the process.


My co-host on our Make More Money Now YouTube show, Gerry Black pointed out that there’s an inherent fear that many entrepreneurs have about finding new clients — aka prospecting.


But first, you need to acknowledge and get over your fears and the myths you’ve inhaled about selling.


So we will start with some basic sales training even before you start the Adventure and Challenge.


If sales were easy, we entrepreneurs would all be making millions, as we all have so much to offer the world and after decades of honing our skills, we are so worth it.


Selling is a true profession and skill set, finally being taught at 175+ universities around the world. I teach Entrepreneurial Sales to 110 business students each year at Ryerson University.


I say that learning how to sell is NOT a spectator sport — you have to actually say the words — develop mouth memory — so that it flows out of your mouth when you’re in front of a live person.


That is why this LIVE training and coaching Adventure is perfect to get over the fear of being salesy or annoying people. You’re not annoying people if you’re doing it right and have the right target market.


As an example, before I was let loose as a sales rep at IBM, I attended a grueling two-week residential sales course. It was 18-20 hour days prepping for our sales role-play calls. I barely squeaked through the course but I made it. And I got on a brilliant team where I ended up at 175% of quota, making $150,000 at age 25. So I took my life’s savings on a one-way trip to Europe for a year of travel!


This Adventure challenge, training and coaching will consist of a few parts. Some you do on your own and some is group work. There is always ample time to get your questions answered either during the live calls or via email.


  1. Your first pre-work is to read this blog post 7 Myths Entrepreneurs Believe About Sales

  3. Then ask to join our PRIVATE invite only Facebook Group Entrepreneurs Success Club. Briefly introduce yourself and tell us which was your #1 belief that is a myth from the blog post you just read. Share any other insights you might have learned. Add in any questions you might have. 

  5. Watch this video How to Find NEW Great Clients: Make More Money NOW show which will give you some homework to do.  It is essential that you do the homework before our first group call. Do your best and come prepped with questions for our first group video call.

  7. Our first group call will be on Monday June 21 at 11:30 AM. We’ll hop onto Zoom and start the challenge with some basic sales training on how to find new clients — outbound selling , prospecting, whatever you want to call it — but it’s to reach out and call prospective clients to get to the next step.


Practicing your pitch unrehearsed on potential clients is a crime!


That’s why role-playing is so important. And yes, you’ll be self-conscious at first but then with some constructive feedback and more practice, you’ll come to appreciate the safety of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are all learning this together.


My students feared and were anxious about their role-plays, then it became their favourite part of the class each week. Go figure!


Most people have to be encouraged to venture out of their comfort zone. I call it a comfort rut — you fall in and can’t get out.


But with gentle coaching and a supportive group, you will soon really enjoy this part of the Adventure challenge as you start to feel more comfortable in picking up the phone and having conversations that are not scripted but flow nicely.


And I guarantee this will result in more business for you now!


I am limiting the number of participants to ONLY eight entrepreneurs for this Adventure.


And it’s FREE! Why, you ask? Because it will be the first of its kind in this format and I want you to give it rave reviews because you’ll have had rave results from doing this Adventure! That’s the only cost to you.


So sign up now—let’s go on this grand Adventure together!


  1. Here is my definition of SALES:


S = Service (you’re there to help others)

A= Adventure (everyday is different, never boring)

L= Leadership (you lead with questions)

E = Entrepreneurial (even as an employee, sales is very entrepreneurial)

S = Success (No Sales = No Business, you must sell in order to succeed)


To register or if you have any questions contact or call me at 416-951-3842


Spaces are very limited so act now!

We start live on June 21, 2021, at 11:30 AM EST

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