Business Booster Shot Program

Business Booster Shot (BBS) Program

You’ve started your business, have had some success but need to ‘pick the brains’ of someone more experienced and get that crucial second opinion. Whether it’s to brainstorm your intentions for an important meeting, edit your marketing copy or direct email…..that’s what this Business Booster Shot program is designed for.


It gives you unlimited 24/7 access to me and my decades of sales, marketing and entrepreneurial knowledge and experience that comes with an MBA in marketing and being a serial entrepreneur of 11 businesses over the past 26  years. I have spoken to thousands of entrepreneurs and coached, consulted and trained them. Value: PRICELESS!

What do you get in the BBS Program?

  • Marketing Advice


  • Identifying your ideal client


  • Your marketing message that will attract your perfect clients
  • Understanding the value you bring to those potential clients


  • Role plays on how to state your value which is what people ultimately buy


  • Practicing your opening lines so that you attract those perfect clients and so that it comes out naturally from your heart


  • Understanding the sales process


  • Getting over any lingering fear of sales


  • Learning how to have more fun in your business


  • Access to my connections for outsourcing so you have more time to do what you’re really good and LOVE to do!

What else do you get?










To find out more about this amazing program and see if it’s a fit for you and your business:


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I look forward to making your business GROW

and to you having more fun too!