Client Successes aka My Brag Sheet

What really matters in any coaching or consulting relationship are the results that clients achieve through us working together. I know I can sell and market successfully BUT what should be THE most important thing for you, is that my skills and experience transfer over to the client so that THEY are super successful.

patti target sales increase

My Client Successes

  • DOUBLED her sales to a healthy six figures
  • Won 2 DEALS even being the highest bidder
  • Made $20,000 MORE on a single contract
  • Closed 3 STALLED deals our first week working together
  • Confidently raised her FEES creating more profit for herself
  • Set Higher Minimum Orders without pushback
  • Added Consulting Fees instead of giving it away
  • Became clear on their value
  • Became more confident & comfortable prospecting
  • Clearly identified their ideal target market to make selling easier
  • INCREASED their Sales & Profits 
  • QUADRUPLED SALES by focusing solely on her business
  • Determined her incredible value like reducing staff turnover by 90%!
  • Had MORE FUN & made MORE MONEY! 

Want to know how you can achieve results like this?


Can you imagine what your brag sheet could like after working with me?

And yes, you need rave reviews and your own version of your brag sheet as potential clients want to see past results. 


Let me help you find the value in what you do. That’s what I’m great at because of my decades of sales and marketing experience. 


Contact me to book your Business Strategy Call to see if we’re a match to work together.

Patti Pokorchak, MBA