FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


1. What NO Contract!?!


Given how some less reputable coaches work, where they lock you into a non-cancelable contract for 6-12 months at an outrageous fee of $1,000-2,000 PER MONTH, I decided to not go that route.


I have always worked on the principle that if you are not getting value from working with me, then I no longer want to work with you. Nor will I continue to charge you just because of a piece of paper that you signed.



Our coaching/consulting relationship is highly personal and I’m not for everyone. And you might not know that immediately but find out 4-8 weeks later. And no hard feelings. That’s just business as I’ve been practicing it for decades. TRUST is key to every business relationship.



2. Formulas and Packages


As an entrepreneur, you’re one of a kind. Do you really believe that there’s some special formula that will magically turn your business into a million-dollar a month behemoth, without you knowing how to sell or to have a long list of prospective clients? HA!

When it sounds too good to be true – IT IS! My experience working with hundreds of entrepreneurs is that you plod your way to profits. YES, there are some outliers who scale faster but they’re the 0.01% of entrepreneurs. The rest of us take a bit longer – overnight success is generally 5-10 years. 


3. I was Not a Born Salesperson!


I am living proof that you can take a shy introverted geek and turn her into a multi-million dollar sales professional selling all sorts of products and services around the world in two languages. Selling is a mindset, skillset, process and discipline and you’ve got to learn it.


Worldwide, there are now over 200 universities teaching professional sales at business schools and I’m a part-time professor at my alma mater.


4. I am NOT your average business coach!


I’m way more than just a sales coach but an overall business coach who helps you get clear on your value, your ideal target client, and then help you find and convert them to higher-paying clients. 


We work on the big goal of where YOU want to go, working with the kinds of clients that you LOVE, making lots of money, and delivering tons of value. 

I am a rare sales AND marketing expert, combining decades created multiple million-dollar brands from scratch with spare change as a marketing budget.  I believe in using creative promotion rather than vast advertising dollars. 


5. I started out life as a computer geek


I pissed off Bill Gates when he was still a skinny nerd. I have a unique talent for finding bugs and broken links. But the money was in sales, and that was the start of a beautiful life at IBM which I left as soon as I had saved enough to have a year free in Europe. 


6. Sales IS NOT SLEAZY — when done properly!


The problem with the majority of salespeople is that they have NOT been trained at all! Or they’ve watched Glengarry Glen Ross and think that they should always be closing – WRONG! Not the way sales works, especially these days. It’s the buyers who are in charge, we merely guide their buying journey towards our solutions. 


Selling is listening NOT talking, which is why us shyer more introverted sales professionals outsell the stereotypical extrovert types who need to learn to shut up and focus on the client’s needs.