Get Your Sales Booster Shot and BOOST Your Sales!

Get Your Sales Booster Shot and BOOST Your Sales!

Sales Solved!


I have partnered with Marie Hale of @Revenue  to put on this special educational event that will give you the skills you need TODAY!


Your bank account will thank us as you learn to earn. 


This Sales Hackathon will give you the updated skills to sell in 2021 and beyond and my session on Negotiating to Win-Win-WIN-WIN! will let you ask for the money that you are worth. See you online next week.


It’s THE best investment of your time and money as it’s a smaller audience so you’ll be able to get your questions asked and answered.


Watch this video to learn more why you should attend:



What you will learn and take away:

  • DiSC Assessment (valued at $150) – know yourself better AND get insights on your customers too
  • A year of additional DiSC education (valued at $250)
  • Tools and methodologies that are easy to understand will increase sales, and that you can put to work TODAY
  • A clear view of your attainable goal
  • High-value connections and networking
  • Negotiation skills and phrases to save you money AND make you more money!

Find out more about this exciting educational experience in this video What you will learn!

Agenda for Wednesday, Oct 6, 2021
2:45 – Doors Open for Networking

3:00 – DiSC: Decoding Behavior with Marie Hale

4:00 – Sales: Powerful Sales Processes for Today’s World with Marie Hale

5:00 – Networking 101 with Marie Hale

6:00 – LinkedIn Prospecting for Champions with Justin Hughes

Agenda for Thursday Oct 7, 2021

3:00 – Purposeful Prospecting with Marie Hale

4:15 – Strategic Partnerships with Andrea Keirn

5:00 – Beyond Goal Setting with Marie Hale

6:00 – What about Negotiating to Win-Win-WIN-WIN! with Patti Pokorchak, MBA


To save $100 of the modest fee – use my special link here! See you there!

See you there!

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