GROW Your Business FAST – Entrepreneur Success Club ™

Welcome to the Entrepreneur’s Success Club™


Are You Stuck in Your Business? Spinning Your Wheels Without a Lot of Traction?

The Entrepreneur’s Success Club™ program will help you grow your business FAST AND PROFITABLY! 


I share my skills and knowledge from my decades of professional sales, marketing and entrepreneurial  experiences in this online virtual program. 


You will start with the basics of how to grow a business based on the experiences that I’ve accumulated from having started 11 businesses in the past 25 years, mainly B2B (business-to-business). I also started my own retail garden center in the middle of nowhere, which I made into a thriving destination.


There are 4 sessions which will run online for 60-75 minutes via Zoom.


 If that time is not good for you, let me know what works for you, and with enough other ambitious entrepreneurs, we’ll add in another Entrepreneur’s Success Club™ for another day and time.

Subjects we can cover include:


  • Defining your Ideal Target Market. What does your buyer’s persona look like? If you cannot exquisitely visualize and define your ideal dream client, then you do not know what to say and how to say it.


  • What is your opening intro, answering ‘so what do you do?’ in a way that is engaging and encourages the response of ‘tell me more’.


  • Building your Spectacular Clients’ Results page aka “Brag Sheet”! How do you show your value and past results? How can you start collecting invaluable data to support your rates? How do you measure your effectiveness with your clients?


  • Prospecting to find your ideal dream clients. Where should you be networking? What should you be doing on which social media platform and which are a waste of time.


** NOTE: depending on who is in the circle, the topics for each week can be changed and adapted to meet your needs more closely. I have had personal experience in scaling a business to over $1 million and 20 employees.  I had both B2B and B2C business and have worked with hundreds of clients in many industries, so your situation will not be unique and is solvable.

Selling is all about helping others. Selling is NOT something you do to someone. Selling is NOT telling, so stop selling. It’s about helping people buy from you. 

After this set of four sessions, you will go from sales being scary to sales being simple. You will create some simple daily habits using some basic sales tools to make sure you are on track for a banner year.


And these skills that you will learn over the four weeks will last you a lifetime! Once you discover how easy it is to have a non-salesy no pressure sales conversation with your ideal target client, then you’ll never dread contacting them again. It’s all about how you craft your message and how well you know how you serve your ideal client.


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