Intensive Kickstart Program for Fast Results

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When you can’t wait for results and you want them NOW, this is the program for you.

You will start off with a 4-6 hour session really getting into the vision you have for yourself and your business and figuring out what’s stopping you from achieving that vision. We’ll determine the gaps in your sales and marketing strategies and processes and fix them.


You might be unfocused, working on too many targets and achieving much less than you should. Whatever the reason, I will help you to map out a plan of what needs to happen, clarify your unique message and work on your ideal target market.

Outcomes of the Day

  • A clear statement of your unique value that people will be attracted to


  • Your captivating elevator pitch that will entice customers


  • A clear understanding of which market benefits the most from what you have to offer


  • Determining what you need to know about the selling process


  • A more confident and focused you


  • How you can charge more for your services

The following week, you will get 2 coaching calls to ensure you’re staying on track. It’s vital that you get support to keep you focused and applying your new skills and knowledge.


Every sales conversation is different. I will help you deal with those challenges so that you keep learning and winning new prospects and sales.


In the first month there are 5 coaching calls, then you will have weekly ones. Typically I will work 3-6-12 months with a client until they have lifelong sustainable skills that will ensure their future success of any business they want to run.

Check out my Clients’ Successes aka My Brag Sheet of their outcomes by working with me.

Call  416-951-3842 or Email to see if this sales course is right for you.