My speaker video showcasing a few venues and some of the talks I’ve given.

Make Money NOW! show introduction, showcasing proven sales and marketing strategies.

Ditch YOUR Pitch by producing a one page Business Snapshot© to end up with a pitch that wins!

Promod Sharma of Taxevity, interviews me about my sales, beliefs, philosophy and more.

Women of Significance in STEMM Leadership: Patti Pokorchak From Geek to Sales Success

The Sales View,

a weekly online sales talk show

Multiple Media Interviews

Paul Watts and I discuss ‘Focus on Social Prospecting—NOT Social Selling’ in this episode of his podcast, Sales Reinvented.

Want to learn Unique (& FREE!) Ways to Grow Your Email List? This episode of the Meal Garden podcast with Rebecca McCusker focused on just that!

In this BrightTALK webinar, I join Fred Diamond, the co-founder of the Institute for Excellence in Sales in discussing how to improve your selling!

Nettie Owens and I discuss ‘Big Scary Decisions’ in this special episode of her podcast, Momentum Accountability.

John Golden of Sales POP! and I discuss the difference between entrepreneurial and full-time sales. This interview is available in podcast or video format.

Brian Burkhart of SquarePlanet interviews me about entrepreneurship and sales, from early technology adoption to living in Europe. Learn more about living through experiences by listening to this podcast on SquarePlanet.

I discuss living with no regrets with Avril Beckford of The Invisible Mentor in a special episode of her series, The One Problem.

Felicia Lee hosts me on her radio program, Jumping the Gap, on the eWomen Radio network

Ep. 23: Your Selling Point by Patti Pokorchak

Patti Pokorchak, creator of the highly successful barcode asset-tracking system BassetPro, talks about her unlikely but successful foray into the world of sales in this fresh new episode. Patti shares how she was able to leverage her skills in order to help build 5 start-up technology companies in Europe and North America. She started becoming a serial entrepreneur in 1992 and today Patti is the CEO and Founder of Small Biz Sales Coach. So what are some of the key practices that enabled Patti to sell more effectively, and how can you do the same?  Sales means being of service to others. Be confident in the value you offer and ask for what you are worth! Deliver premium customer service. Nurture an authentic desire to be curious and caring about people. As Patti joyfully shares, “I LOVE talking to people. My clients don’t consider me a sales person. I’m just talking to people like they were my newest BFFs, being curious and caring is how I put it.”

David Newman of DoIT! Marketing interviews me for the CAPS (Canadian Professional Speakers Association) Master Class on Selling for the Non-Sales Professional like entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, consultants, thought leaders and experts. Listen below:

Judy Croon– Funny fundraising MC, Laugh Coach, Comedian and Corporate Motivational Speaker interviews me for my sales wisdom and we laugh a lot too. It’s never boring talking with Judy!

Marc Mawhinney, Creator/Host of Natural Born Coaches, Episode #83: Patti Pokorchak: Introverts Can Sell! Why Introverts Are THE Best Sales Professionals NOT Extroverts!