People Have FUN When I Teach Them to Sell!

People Have FUN When I Teach Them to Sell!

When I teach people how to sell, …….

They smile! They laugh! They engage! They get it!


They are having FUN! See Marsha’s video below for proof!


They realize how simple and natural it can be —IF done properly — and once they’ve learned that it’s a:  


  • Mindset
  • Skill set
  • Process and 
  • Discipline  


AND the most undervalued business profession out there!


It is outrageous that business schools are still graduating students without this essential knowledge of what sales is all about. it is my mission to make selling a respected profession as I know how hard AND how skilled a person has to be to hit million dollar quotas year after year after year. 


150+ Universities in the world grant business degrees in sales – why not in Canada, you say? Stay tuned, things are happening!
Just because you can talk to anyone does not make you a sales professional. It is a skill set and most ‘born sales people’, those extroverts, they talk TOO MUCH!
it’s us shy ones, the introverts who outsell the natural born salesperson. Selling is all about the other person, not you and introverts naturally are curious and ask great questions AND listen to the answers and reflect before responding. These are the traits of an outstanding sales pro.
And if you are an entrepreneur – you need to emulate true sales professionals and not put them down. 
Want to learn more about how to get more business while having more fun?


Marsha Testimonial Going from Sales FEAR to Sales FUN – in under an hour!


Thank you Marsha Lecour for your amazing testimonial.


The only way to get better at selling is to learn how it is done properly by a sales professional, like me, with decades of sales AND entrepreneurial experience.


I have advised hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to grow their business while running 11 of my own businesses. I can help you too. Call me at 416-951-3842 or send me an email at

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