Social Media Sucks for B2B Sales

Social Media Sucks for B2B Sales

Social Media SUCKS!

Whenever I hear the term —

Social Media Marketing

but especially Social Selling 

my blood starts to boil!

Way too many entrepreneurs and startups hide behind their screens and think getting a few followers on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook will solve all their revenue issues. 

Nothing can be further from the truth for B2B sales. When you’re selling to another business, no one buys a million dollar system based on a tweet or LinkedIn post. You only get them interested and checking out your credentials. 

THEN you have to start the sales process of getting them to know, like and TRUST you before they will buy. 

Social Selling or Social Media Marketing has only replaced SOME of the cold calling we used to do. While social media is one way to attract new clients……..  it doesn’t happen overnight.

Have you noticed how many ‘buy my buy me – NO, BUY ME!!’ messages are on Twitter? What will make yours stand out and be irresistible? Nothing!

 My clients still get the best results from picking up the phone and calling a potential client – yes, it is that simple. The skill comes in the next 15-20 seconds to get the prospect to talk to you. What can you say that is enough of a teaser and of interest to them that will get them to agree to a 5-minute phone call?

At some point in your sales process, you’ll have to speak to them and persuade them that you’re the right person to help them with their problem. So get used to it. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. We are all humans so don’t forget that. [bctt tweet=”Act like a human instead of an automated social media bot…… and guess what, you might actually talk to someone who does need your product or service! #Entrepreneurs #SocialMediaMarketing #SocialSelling” username=”SmallBizSalesCo”]

What is the worst that can happen?

They get angry and hang up on you? So what? It’s a blow to the ego, so lick your wounds, get over yourself and keep dialing. It happens so rarely — I can count on one hand in four decades of calling. 

What’s the best that can happen?

That they answer your call and actually are interested in speaking to you! Woo hoo – book that F2F meeting and help that person buy from you. It’s a first step, that’s all. Now it’s up to you to have your opening statement and pitch down perfect in 30 seconds or less to keep them on the call. 

There IS someone out there waiting for your call. BUT you first have to practice your pitch aka your opening statement and question and get better at it so you do get more ‘tell me more’ answers and not the polite turndowns. There is no shortcut but to practice, practice and practice some more. That’s why it really helps to shorten your learning curve when you practice with a sales pro like me, as it is only with practice that you find your natural selling style. 

I can help you practice your opening as your first 30 seconds are crucial to them continuing the call or getting the polite ‘no thank you’. 

When you need help to get more leads and then close them- you know who to call.

Any business, sales or marketing questions – call me. I’m here to help. 

I make sales FUN for everyone! GUARANTEED!

Patti Pokorchak, MBA
The Entrepreneurial Adventurer
Business Development Strategist

Working with service-based businesses who want to make a difference AND make money, without being pushy!

Small Biz Coach 416-951-3842 (and I do answer each call)

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