If you want to get your audience EXCITED about selling – Patti is THE speaker to do it! Guaranteed!

Patti loves to speak and train on business development, entrepreneurship and anything about sales and marketing for non-sales professionals and entrepreneurs. Most entrepreneurs have had little or no sales and marketing training and could benefit from learning how to make sales faster and easier.


She has the academic credentials of an MBA in Marketing, and 30+ years of hands-on experience in B2B and B2C at numerous startups including 11 of her own businesses since 1992. She has helped to bootstrap and grow a 20 employee 7-figure tech business as well as a retail garden centre and hobby farm.

Some Popular Talks Include:

Get More Business Now!


When you attend this workshop or talk, you will go from Sales FEAR to Sales FUN! You will close more business, faster and more naturally and ask for more money too! Because you are worth it.


Knowing how to sell is an essential skill for every entrepreneur and it really is easy once you know how. It’s a process and discipline first and foremost. Nothing scary about that is there? Then it’s a simple conversation using powerful questions to guide it naturally to a close.


Patti has deconstructed her million dollar sales techniques so that anyone can sell faster and easier than ever before. Learn the one crucial thing that all great entrepreneurs must master in order to succeed. You will learn how to deal with common objections and how to negotiate better. You will leave inspired that you too can sell more of your ‘stuff’ and enjoy the process too. Truly business life changing as we are all in sales all the time. Learn now and you’re on your way to a sustainable business.

Practical Marketing for Small Business: Small Budget + HUGE Results!


Patti is full of wacky ideas that work like how an imaginary dog to brand a boring barcode system helped grow a million dollar business. As detailed in her new book The Accidental Farmer: Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneurshe can teach and inspire you to come with your own wacky ideas that make your business stand out at minimal cost. 


She speaks from practical experience on having micro-budgets and huge sales targets to achieve.


Using creative low-cost marketing tactics, she was able to make an out-of-the-way farm a thriving destination with up to 500 people attending her annual Garden Parties. She helped bootstrap (that means with zero money) a barcode software company to 7-figures and 20 employees with a best-selling asset tracking system called BassetPro, sold to 25+ countries.


Using brains, not budgets, she can help you get more traction for your limited marketing dollars. You’ll leave this workshop brimming with ideas to promote your organization effectively without blowing your budget either

STEM Careers DO NOT have to be Boring!


Having been a teenaged female tech pioneer from the 70s and one of the first female tech professionals hired by IBM Canada, I went from being a shy introverted geek wanting to be a programmer to million dollar sales professional, traveling and selling around the world. I am proof that being in a STEM career can be very rewarding and lucrative as you need to understand the technology in order to sell and market it properly. It was my tech background that allowed me easy access to work wherever I wanted to which was working in Europe for almost a decade. I share the barriers I had to overcome and gender discrimination, not having any peers or mentors and despite being afraid of my own shadow, I had great success in being a pioneer in many different areas and countries. As a serial entrepreneur, I have created a few million-dollar brands and products sold around the world.


The Words Live Your Dream Written on a Red Brick Wall

Living a Life Without Regrets!


Since the age of 25, Patti has held her nose and jumped into life. No one was more scared than she was BUT the fear of living with regrets was bigger than the fear of going.


She left her friends, family, career and everything she knew behind and went on a solo trip around Europe for a year. That year stretched to 9 years of living and working all over Europe, having exciting adventures that can only happen when you leave the known behind and seek the unknown.


Living life on the edge is the only way to live and it’s not that scary once you’ve tried it. In this inspiring talk, you’ll want to stop tolerating the intolerable and start living life fully.


Attendees come out knowing what their biggest regrets would be and are inspired to live their DREAMS NOW.

Here’s a testimonial of someone who drove 6 hours and my talk made it all worthwhile!

Influence & Persuasion Skills for Non-Sales Professionals–We are ALL in Sales!


If you’ve ever negotiated with your teenager, spouse, partner, boss, colleagues or employees–you’ve been ‘selling’.


Whenever you’re trying to persuade someone to agree with your point of view–that is sales!


This talk is ideal for non-sales professionals, but those who must persuade, negotiate and ‘sell’ to others. In this talk, Patti discusses the negative sales mindset and how to get over it.


The fear of sales and negotiating is only because you’ve never been properly trained (if at all). Selling and negotiating are skills that can be easily learned and forever practiced and improved upon.

no sales = no business

Sales Secrets from a Shy Sales Pro


After decades of small biz coaching and consulting, it became clear to Patti that many entrepreneurs have a fear or a great reluctance to “toot their own horn”. This is even more prevalent in the incredibly modest Canadian sales world. However, “without tooting their own horn, there is no music,” says the brilliant Dr. Alan Weiss, author of Million Dollar Consulting and 60 other books. In this talk, Patti discusses how to effectively boost self-confidence and be your own best cheerleader.


No one is a born salesperson! Everyone can benefit from training (extroverts talk too much for example). Patti was shy, geeky, introverted, insecure and nervous. But after a two-week intensive residential sales training course by IBM and 30+ years of practice, she’s now a pro.


She learned that not only was she great at sales, but she also loved to sell. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and skill set with other entrepreneurs and non-sales professionals to help them grow.


Her non-traditional and effective sales style relates really well to the reality of today’s sales–where the buyers already have 60% of their minds made-up before you see them. It is essential that you not go into ‘sales mode’ but think more of being a caring and curious human being. Do this and your sales will soar. You must listen to the answers of the great questions you ask, reflect on the answers and relate back only what needs to be said.


NO SALES = NO BUSINESS, so either you change your attitude, get great at selling your product, or get a job. No entrepreneur can afford to be afraid of selling their own products.


People buy your enthusiasm as much as the product itself. If you’re not enthusiastic about your product, no one else will be. Selling is an essential skill for every entrepreneur.

Talks can be anything from 10 minutes to 6 hours of interactive training, depending on what you need.



Contact Patti at 416-951-3842  or Patti@SmallBizSalesCoach.ca to discuss your audience, the results you seek and she’ll create a talk, course or workshop tailored to your specific needs.