The REAL Entrepreneur Show™

The REAL Entrepreneur Show™

The REAL Entrepreneur Show™

It’s been a year already, since my lovely co-host Kathy Barthel aka Bratty Kathy from Take on the World and I  started discussions on how we can help entrepreneurs navigate the minefield that is, as she calls it, the wild wild west of the online business market. 

We wanted to do a show where we expose scams and things to be aware of for new entrepreneurs. For example, if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is. Normal business practices are NOTHING LIKE a timeshare sale. You do have options so do believe that that offer is only good for today. That is NOT normal business practices but is a manipulative tactic that ethical business people do not use. 

For example, If I present you with a proposal, that proposal should be valid for at least 30 days. Sure you can have time-limited specials but a professional business person does not sound like TV’s informercials: “but wait there’s more…….” as they load on fictious bonuses worth millions. 

We educate as we entertain and have fun with sharing our knowledge and hard won experiences; me of being a born 11x serial entrepreneur vs Kathy being an accidental entrepreneur. Our skills are complementary as well as sometimes over lap. We have our red-flag rant alerts when something really annoys us. 

Do not mistake our levity and fun for lack of hard content, as my journalistic co-host Kathy, ensures that we have a viewpoint that is unique and new. We will have our own slant on the state of entrepreneurship and deplore those who prey on others’ lack of knowledge and nativity. 

As a decades long sales and business professional, I hate manipulation with a fierce PASSION. Making sales a respected profession is my legacy, Kathy feels as strongly in encouraging others to get their real voices out there loud and strong. 

Below will be one of our most popular videos (we talk about the “S” word – SEX) and it’s just been released. Sex sells as I demonstrate below. 

Let us know in the comments, what topics you want us to cover and we’ll give you our take on it.

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