They Really DON’T Care About YOU!


They Really DON’T Care About YOU!


Selling is LISTENING not talking!

That’s why optimistic ambiverts outsell extroverts, the supposed ‘born salesperson’.


Surprise your next potential client by saying “NO, I don’t want to talk about me until I get to know more about you.”

Prospective clients really don’t care about you UNTIL you show that you care about them. You do that by interrupting their flow of questions and taking control of the conversation by asking THEM the questions instead.

Showing interest in their background and their particular situation BEFORE you start talking solutions and prices is the only way to sell. And to differentiate yourself from other order takers (the biggest insult to people with a salesperson title).

As an introvert, I didn’t like to speak much but I was curious and caring and those two traits are what helped me sell millions around the world in two languages.

So how do you get to be more curious? Think of yourself as your three-year-old self – and do the ‘why mommy approach? Why this mommy? What that mommy? How come this or that?’


Ask questions as if you were a newspaper reporter – how, what, when, why, who…… and like the elephant above with the two BIG ears – practice active listening to their answers. Do not just ask questions from a script as they don’t know their part of your script. One answer will lead to another question and that cannot be scripted.

The elephant’s small mouth is to emphasize, that you sell MORE when you speak less.


Try it and tell me how it worked out for you. 

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