What’s In Your Blind Spot?

What’s In Your Blind Spot?

I have a new label for myself: The Blind Spot Spotter


As I used to tell my now ex-husband, that’s why you have a partner, spouse, friends, and coaches, to tell you what you cannot see for yourself. It’s like when you eat spinach or especially tabouli (Tabbouleh – that Middle East dish with lots of chopped up parsley)  and you need someone to tell you if there’s green stuff between your teeth if no mirror is handy.


However, most of our blind spots are not noticeable by ourselves even with mirrors. That’s why we need others to point them out and that can be hard to take as we don’t like to admit that we don’t know everything about ourselves. OR that we’re not perfect either!


And how does your blind spot impact you in your business? Like have you consider this:


  • Do you blithely think you’re doing great because you haven’t surveyed your client base nor read your Google reviews?
  • Have you looked at your Glassdoor employer reviews to see how current and past employees rate you?
  • Have you asked your employees how they honestly feel about working at your company and what you can do to improve it?
  • Have you surveyed your competition recently to see how competitive your products and services still are or are you falling behind?

Who is your blind spot spotter who you use to get outside objective advice and who can do an audit for you of the above crucial questions? Don’t have one? That could be a fatal flaw in the future of your organization.


You might consider contracting someone like me with extensive business knowledge and experience including scaling and evaluating businesses to see what blindspots you’ve been ignoring. Happy to chat to see how I can help you grow a fun, sustainable and thriving business where new employees come to you to work.

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